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Super Luxury Wedding Cars for Rent in Mumbai

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Mercedes C Class
4hrs/40 KM…..₹3,999.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹6,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹650.00
Extra KM…..₹65.00
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BMW X1 On Rent in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai 2
4hrs/40 KM…..₹4,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹6,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹700.00
Extra KM…..₹70.00
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a4 exterior left side view
4hrs/40 KM…..₹4,999.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹7,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹750.00
Extra KM…..₹75.00
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Audi A6 Luxury Car On Rent in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai 2 50
Audi A6
4hrs/40 KM…..₹5,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹8,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹850.00
Extra KM…..₹85.00
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Mercedes E Class Luxury Car Rental in Mumbai and Navi
Mercedes E Class
4hrs/40 KM…..₹7,249.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹10,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,100.00
Extra KM…..₹110.00
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BMW 5 Series On Rent in Mumbai and Navi
BMW 5 Series
4hrs/40 KM…..₹5,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹8,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹850.00
Extra KM…..₹85.00
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4hrs/40 KM…..₹8,249.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹12,499
Extra Hr…..₹1,250.00
Extra KM…..₹125.00
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Jaguar XF
4hrs/40 KM…..₹6,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹9,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,000.00
Extra KM…..₹100.00
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BMW 7 Series On Rent in Mumbai and Navi
BMW 7 Series
4hrs/40 KM…..₹6,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹9,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,000.00
Extra KM…..₹100.00
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Audi A8L Luxury Car On Rent in Mumbai and Navi
4hrs/40 KM…..₹6,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹9,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹999.00
Extra KM…..₹99.00
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IMG 20231127 WA0017 50
4hrs/40 KM…..₹9,999
8hrs/80 KM…..₹14,999
Extra Hr…..₹1,500.00
Extra KM…..₹150.00
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WhatsApp Image 2023 04
Alfa Romeo Convertable
4hrs/40 KM…..₹12,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹17,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,800.00
Extra KM…..₹140.00
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Rent Luxury Cars for Wedding in Mumbai

Wedding is one of the most important day in the life of a couple as they embark on this important journey of their life we know the importance of having that day feel perfect.

The luxury and comfort of a Mercedes, BMW, Audi Car to take you to the function in plush comfort to allow the moment to be even more memorable and never having to worry about the stress of cars decoration as we provide decoration options in our package so customers can focus on enjoying his lovely day.

Advantages of a Luxury Cars for Wedding

1. Making a Great Entry-
Luxury car of this standard makes for a great Barat entry car for the groom and sunroof in all luxury cars make for a great photo for entry.

2. Viday Car-
The most important time in a wedding is the Bidai / Dolly car in which the bride sits and goes to her new house. Our aim is to make the start of that life long journey one of comfort and happy memories.

3. Pre wedding Shoot –
One of the most memorable photos of a couple are the pre wedding shoot photos the ones that a posted online and save to show for generations to come. Knowing this couple prefer to ask for a car for pre wedding shoots to click pictures through sunroof and on the back seats in the plush seats of a luxury car with decoration on the car for making the photos even more memorable.

Wedding Car Rental in Mumbai at affordable Prices

Mumbai being the city of dreams everyone seeing the high life dreams of having a Mercedes or a bummer or a char banged Audi for their wedding to make them feel special on their special day.

It’s a lot to do with the feeling you get when you ride in a luxury car and enter your wedding in it showing the world your style and looks as all eyes are on you on that day.

Knowing the importance of a car for the wedding our team pays most attention that all cars a cleaned and decorated to the highest standard so you can have the best ride possible.

Car Rental for Wedding in Mumbai with Driver

Affordable wedding cars with driver At super luxury cars we want to provide luxury cars on rent to Mumbai at best rates possible in the market so we do what no one does in the market and provide entry level cars like C class Mercedes, BMW X1, Audi A4 which start at a rate of only 3999 which is lesser than the cost of decoration for a car for a customer which includes cost of fuel driver as well and we also provide decoration which is at a great value of only 2500 for 3 pc decoration with 4pc ribbon on door handles

Wedding car rental near you

Renting a wedding car near you helps you find a local vendor that can reliable and can get the car to you soon Wedding cars need decoration and regular cleaning as the flowers thrown at entry and flowers in varmala can get the car dirty from inside so having someone local can help him get it cleaned and available in a gift for a great experience

The most import fact to keep in mind when booking a wedding car is that the vendor should be credible as the price might be more or less the same for all but the reviews are what tell you the real story of a vendors previous experience and our reviews talk for our self with a contact 4.6 stars on Google maps and 150 reviews we stand with great credibility to service you.

Wedding Car Rental Rates

C Class Mercedes₹3,999.00₹6,500.00₹650.00₹65.00₹60.00
E Class Mercedes₹5,499.00₹8,500.00₹850.00₹85.00₹70.00
BMW X1₹4,499.00₹7,000.00₹700.00₹70.00₹60.00
BMW 5 Series₹5,499.00₹8,500.00₹850.00₹85.00₹70.00
BMW 7 Series₹7,499.00₹10,000.00₹1,000.00₹100.00₹90.00
A4 Audi₹4,499.00₹7,500.00₹750.00₹75.00₹65.00
A6 Audi₹5,499.00₹8,500.00₹850.00₹85.00₹70.00
Q5 Audi₹6,499.00₹9,000.00₹900.00₹90.00₹70.00
Q7 Audi₹7,499.00₹11,000.00₹1,100.00₹110.00₹90.00
A8 Audi₹7,999.00₹12,000.00₹1,200.00₹120.00₹95.00
Alfa Romeo Convertable₹13,999.00₹20,000.00₹2,000.00₹200.00 
Car Decoration Prices     
3 pc decoration₹2,500.00    
S design decoration₹5,000.00    

For wedding car booking in Mumbai Call on: +91 93231-70700.


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