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Luxury Cars Rental in Mumbai

Best Luxury Cars & Wedding Car Rental in Mumbai

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Mercedes C Class
4hrs/40 KM…..₹3,999.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹6,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹650.00
Extra KM…..₹65.00
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BMW X1 On Rent in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai 2
4hrs/40 KM…..₹4,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹6,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹700.00
Extra KM…..₹70.00
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a4 exterior left side view
4hrs/40 KM…..₹4,999.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹7,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹750.00
Extra KM…..₹75.00
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Audi A6 Luxury Car On Rent in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai 2 50
Audi A6
4hrs/40 KM…..₹5,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹8,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹850.00
Extra KM…..₹85.00
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E Class Mercedes Pic Front
Mercedes E Class
4hrs/40 KM…..5,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹8,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹850.00
Extra KM…..₹85.00
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BMW 5 Series On Rent in Mumbai and Navi
BMW 5 Series
4hrs/40 KM…..₹5,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹8,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹850.00
Extra KM…..₹85.00
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Audi Q5
4hrs/40 KM…..₹5,999.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹8,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹850.00
Extra KM…..₹85.00
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xf20132016jaguarxfrightfrontthreequarterjpg 20152007124935
Jaguar XF
4hrs/40 KM…..₹6,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹9,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,000.00
Extra KM…..₹100.00
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7series20132016bmwseriesfrontview 1 1
BMW 7 Series
4hrs/40 KM…..₹7,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹10,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,000.00
Extra KM…..₹100.00
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IMG 20231127 WA0016
4hrs/40 KM…..₹9,999.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹14,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,500.00
Extra KM…..₹150.00
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BMW X5 Luxury Car Rental
4hrs/40 KM…..₹8,459.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹12,499.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,250.00
Extra KM…..₹125.00
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Alfa Romeo Convertable
4hrs/40 KM…..₹12,499.00
8hrs/80 KM…..₹17,999.00
Extra Hr…..₹1,800.00
Extra KM…..₹180.00
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Why Choose Super Luxury Cars

Hire car rental are extremely relaxing so be it an excursion or office work or be a holiest trip to an out station destination. So enjoy the Super comfort of our Fleet of Cars be it a BMW, Audi, Mercedes car rental Mumbai.

We cater to Airport drops too foreign citizens as well as domestic can use our splendor facility making their trip memorable and comfortable. Our rental cars are highly Cost Effective and luxurious with Ample of space and leg room. Everyone enjoys comfort during travelling. We also Provide our luxurious cars to make your special occasions like Weddings Engagements as well as birthdays memorable and comfortable. So it is very important to choose the Right Service who can offer you good and prompt service clean sanitized cars well maintained .Professional drivers for safe driving and a good memorable Experience.

Best Luxury Cars on Rent in Mumbai

Top wedding car rental are the 1.5 crore plus category of cars with best in car features and top end design for giving that grand feel inside and out Staring the list of with the most popular SUV in Germany cars Q7 Audi – Best in class Audi SUV with top in class comfort for a family of 6 plus driver Best choice for a outstation get away loaded with leather seats Bose Surround music system, Bluetooth audio, Panoramic sunroof with a plush spacious interior for a great relaxing ride. Car rental Mumbai with driver.

One of the best choices for premium car rental Mumbai / Audi car on rent in Mumbai The Q7 Audi is a name of status as it is owned by multiple Bollywood stars like Katrina KaifSanjay DuttKareena KapoorVarun Dhawan

Second on the list is the legacy jewel of BMW brand 7 Series BMW – BMW’s highest end car with brown leather, electronic recliner seats with built in massage seats for top in class comfort with industry leading heated & cooled seats. BMW 7 series was rated the best car to ride in for 2022 with its best in class air suspension design that rides over bumps like a breeze.

Next comes the extra long and brand looking long wheel base Audi A8L- KARAN Johan choice of Sedan for his everyday use Audi A8L in India comes with long wheel base of 3128mm for leg room to allow you to spread your fleet and relax in the massage seats with leg rest and cooled ventilated seats. It comes with dual sunroof for night star gazing. Loaded with best in class air suspension to make your ride feel like you’re riding on clouds

Rent Wedding Car in Mumbai

Makes our occasions more comfortable and memorable. We all want weddings to be Special and Memorable. Hiring an Audi car on rent in mumbai as well as rent a Mercedes in Mumbai for all your special occasions builds Confidence and gets the occasion to another level

Our Convertible car is super cool for a couple Entry with its open top and sport exhaust that is sure to attract attention making the event more memorable. Car on Rent for Wedding in Mumbai.

Premium car rental in Mumbai is very cost effective too and won’t be heavy on your pocket

Types of Rent Luxury Car Services

1. BMW
BMW is a class part in features and its ride quality with its amazing ambient lighting and amazing ride quality it makes the experience of riding in a BMW like no other. Out fleet of cars consist of 5 Series BMW which is a mid segment Sedan with amazing cabin space and striking look on road. X1 BMW which is a entry level Suv with the space of a huge Suv and high speed ride of a compact Sedan.

2. Mercedes
Mercedes has the best street cred in the market with being the most famous car brand with amazing car models like E Class – Sedan with amazing space and comfort with 4 zone climate control and higher end bang and audio system which makes the experience one to have.

C class –
One of the best entry level sedan with leather seats and a star emblem on the front which gives a grant look to the car from outside. C class Mercedes comes with perforated seat backs to avoid your back from seating and casing sweat marks on clothes.

Audi –
Audi is known for its tech in the car segment through and through Audi a6 being a mid segment car is the only one in this segment which comes with the higher end air matic suspension and modern plush interior with a very modern dashboard.

Audi a4-
Being the entry level segment of Audi has the tech that compete with higher end cars of today, it has the ride quality which is sub-par with sport package looks to make it look very sporty and edgy.

Alfa Romeo Convertible Sports Car –
Alfa Romeo having the Italian sports car lineage and advantage of a limited production convertible car that is bound to turn heads on the road It comes with Recaro sport seats for a full race car experience and higher end sports exhaust for the sporty bang and pops

Luxury Cars Rental Rates
C Class Mercedes ₹3,999.00 ₹6,500.00 ₹650.00 ₹65.00 ₹60.00
E Class Mercedes ₹5,499.00 ₹8,500.00 ₹850.00 ₹85.00 ₹70.00
BMW X1 ₹4,499.00 ₹7,000.00 ₹700.00 ₹70.00 ₹60.00
BMW 5 Series ₹5,499.00 ₹8,500.00 ₹850.00 ₹85.00 ₹70.00
BMW 7 Series ₹7,499.00 ₹10,000.00 ₹1,000.00 ₹100.00 ₹90.00
A4 Audi ₹4,499.00 ₹7,500.00 ₹750.00 ₹75.00 ₹65.00
A6 Audi ₹5,499.00 ₹8,500.00 ₹850.00 ₹85.00 ₹70.00
Q5 Audi ₹6,499.00 ₹9,000.00 ₹900.00 ₹90.00 ₹70.00
Q7 Audi ₹7,499.00 ₹11,000.00 ₹1,100.00 ₹110.00 ₹90.00
A8 Audi ₹7,999.00 ₹12,000.00 ₹1,200.00 ₹120.00 ₹95.00
Alfa Romeo Convertable ₹13,999.00 ₹20,000.00 ₹2,000.00 ₹200.00  

For luxury car booking in Mumbai Call on: +91 9323170700.


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